learn with your senses

“I have taught sculpture, jewellery and drawing throughout my creative career. I find sharing my technical expertise helps keep my skills sharp and I enjoy watching others develop their passion for making”
Viktor Kalinowski

Current classes and workshops

Viktor’s own studio classes are held every Wednesday in Mount Burnett 7pm – 10pm

Students work on their own projects in the studio. The focus of these classes is to develop the skill to design a sculpture and then take that into a 3D form. Having access to equipment in the studio gives exciting opportunities for people to learn skills such as casting bronze, of course most beginners start with clay or plaster. From time to time the group works with a life model, drawing and sculpting in clay. Newcomers are always welcome to join, including beginners. Classes run on a casual basis during school terms. Please book.  

Sessions are $50 which includes minimal materials.



At present no workshops planned